M-Tac patch Scythia, the Land of Heroes Black


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M-Taс have released a new historical patch dedicated to the power of the Scythians, the masters of the Ukrainian steppes.

Ancient manuscripts testify that from the 7th to 3rd centuries BC the Scythians inhabited the territory of Ukraine between the Danube and Dnieper rivers, as well as Crimea. It is the Scythians who are considered the nucleus of the Slavs and the ancestors of the Cossacks. The power of the Scythian state in the Ukrainian steppes is evidenced by mounds, one of which is depicted on this new patch from M-Taс. On the patch is a glorious Scythian sword called akinak. Scythian swords had block-shaped or rectangular pommels and cross-pieces with a straight upper and rounded lower edge. A special difference is also the loop on the upper edge of the handle. For the Scythians, the sword was not only a weapon but also a certain sacred symbol of greatness and power. The akinak sword, stuck in the mound, was considered the sacred center of the universe, the World Tree, an imaginary axis that, at the moment of ritual, penetrated, uniting the upper world of the gods, the human world, and the underworld into a single whole. The patch reminds that Ukraine is the land of the sun and heroes who have military power and courage. Made of high-quality and durable Oxford material 190g/m with full-color printing. Symbolically, the inscription "Land of Heroes" is made in yellow and blue colors, emphasizing that Ukraine was, is and always will be. This patch is filled with love for Ukraine, historical reference and sacred meaning. The patch will emphasize individuality and highlight your equipment.
Material:Oxford 190g/m
Size:8 x 5 cm
Features:Velcro for fastening.