M-Tac Patch Helm of Terror Laser Cut


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M-Tac Helm of Terror Laser Cut patch featuring Aegisjalm (Helm of Terror).

The helm of terror is an Icelandic magical sign based on runic writing, used as protection against the use of force, causing a sense of fear in the enemy. Egishjalm is an amulet that was popular in the early Middle Ages, mainly among the Vikings and the northern peoples inhabiting the territory of today's Iceland. It belongs to the "helms of terror - signs designed to strike fear into enemies and make them flee. Nothing surprising, because the history of peoples, and especially the history of the Vikings, is mainly the history of wars of liberation, invasion, in the process of which the main goal was victory over the enemy

Dimensions:45 x 45 mm
Additionally:Light-storing material that glows in the dark
Material:Cordura 500D.