M-Tac patch Gladiator Helmet (embroidery) Black


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"Kill or Die!"

Gladiators in ancient Rome were brave warriors who fought not for applause, but primarily for life and freedom, granted to them by the emperor's will upon winning a duel. A well-trained gladiator, demonstrating courage in battle, skill in wielding weapons, disdain for pain and death, could gain the favor of the people and become free.

On the patch, designers depicted the helmet of a mirmillo gladiator against the background of two crossed swords, called gladius. It was from this weapon that gladiators received their famous name. Mirmillo - a gladiator who had many privileges primarily due to courage and mastery. Their helmets had wide rims and a characteristic crest resembling a fish's tail. The upper part of the helmet had a peculiar curvature with the inner part facing forward and a groove for the plume made of horsehair.

Today, the patch also represents a set of beliefs and moral principles, such as "kill or be killed."

Made of high-quality Cordura 500D material, which is resistant to mechanical damage and sunlight. The design applied with colorful embroidery adds elegance to the patch. It can be attached to equipment using Velcro.

The patch will be an original addition to your image, adding fearlessness and a fighting spirit, thus helping you win every confrontation and bravely fight for freedom to the end.

Size: 8x8.5 cm

Material: Cordura 500D

Additionally: Velcro for attachment