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This second generation fleece jacket from M-Tac is designed to be used instead of the third layer of ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System).

The product materials are fleece, 100% polyester (Oxford nylon), and laminated polyester mesh. Nylon inserts on the shoulders and sleeves. The jacket fastens with a double-sided plastic zipper. Equipped with five pockets. Velcro panels on the sleeves for attaching ID patches, and nylon windproof inserts on the cuffs. The lining, made of laminated polyester mesh, is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Material:Reinforced fleece 420 g/m2
Inserts:Oxford 300 PU


The YKK company is a world leader in the fastening production. It produces 90% of all fasteners at 71 factories around the world. This is a group of Japanese companies whose trademark was registered almost 70 years ago. YKK is translated from Japanese as "Yoshida’s Factory" - this was the name of the company's founder, who opened the production of fasteners for clothes in the 1930s. Success was achieved thanks to cooperation with leading clothing brands and appliance of particularly strict quality standards. In addition, for a very long time, the machine for the production of high-quality fasteners was kept in the strictest secret. This helped the company quickly overtake its main competitors.