M-Tac Baseball Cap Soft Shell Cold Weather


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M-Tac Soft Shell Cold Weather baseball cap is made of softshell material.

The inside is insulated with fleece. A baseball cap perfectly protects the head from hypothermia. It is popular among hunters, fishermen and lovers of outdoor activities. A hard visor protects the eyes from direct sunlight. The cap can be safely used in autumn, winter or early spring. Soft Shell is a garment that protects against bad weather and has minimal weight and volume. It was created as an alternative to ordinary outdoor clothing, which protects the wearer from wind and rain in the form of storm jackets and storm pants, as well as to be warmed by separate layers of fleece and down. Thanks to Soft Shell, it is possible to get the maximum effect all at once with one layer of clothing. It replaces three or more layers. Proper care of Soft Shell products: To preserve the effectiveness of the key properties of Soft Shell items, it is very important to properly care for the material. Before you put your Soft Shell jacket in the washing machine, pay attention to the label. Depending on the specific composition, care information may vary. In general, wash your Soft Shell items only when they are really dirty and require cleaning. In the case of minor contamination, it often helps only to clean the dirty area with a soft brush or towel. It is recommended to wash in a washing machine without any other items in the drum. Do not use either washing powder or bleach, so as not to clog the pores of the membrane of the product. Liquid powder is ideal for washing Soft Shell clothes. After washing, do not dry the item on a radiator, it is best to dry them in the fresh air. Likewise, you can apply a water-repellent spray to the surface of already dried clothes.