M-Tac Fleece Berserk jacket


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M-Taс Berserk Fleece jacket .

We took into account all your wishes and created a completely new, exclusive Berserk fleece jacket. M-Taс has combined the best ideas of our designers and materials from top world brands. The upper part of the jacket is made of lightweight, breathable nylon fabric with a water-repellent impregnation from the Japanese company Toray . The lining with insulation properties, already traditional for M-TAC, from the Austrian brand G-Loft® (made of high-quality two-component polymers, combines the softness of natural fluff and the strength of synthetic fibers). The base of the jacket is made of the fleece of the American company Polartec® . In this model, we used the Polartec® 200 Series which has excellent warming properties, great vapor permeability, and anti-pilling properties. The use of such materials and non-trivial design solutions allows us to offer you the best fleece jacket of 2020.

Fittings and zippers:YKK
Features:- Reinforcement made with elastic TORAY nylon
- G-Loft insulation with a density of 100gr / m2
- Non-peeling fleece Polartec® 200
- Two cut-in pockets with zippers
- Fitted, sporty cut


G-LOFT®. Warm, lightweight, and breathable body-warmer that will keep you comfortable even in extreme wet and cold weather conditions. It meets all high standards and combines the benefits of organic fluff with the durability of synthetic fibers. Thanks to the "memory effect", microfibers automatically return to their original and unique shapes, providing warmth, even after multiple washes and uses. G-LOFT® body-warmer guarantees optimal thermal insulation and heat regulation.
Polartec® Polartec® is the name for a range of modern materials. They are all designed to keep you warm and comfortable no matter the weather. In terms of its ability to retain the heat of the human body, Polartec® is not inferior to wool and can be as soft and delicate as cotton, but at the same time, it perfectly replaces clothes made from natural materials, which are not always suitable for outdoor activities and sports. Clothes made of this material are stylish and functional, do not wrinkle, dry quickly, and are easy to wash. Very comfortable in everyday wear, Polartec® products are suitable not only for athletes but also for everyone who prefers a sporty style of clothing.


Polartec® 200 Polartec® 200 is soft and almost weightless and has excellent thermal insulation properties. Unlike natural fabrics, it does not accumulate, but removes excess moisture from the body, providing comfort. In terms of thermal properties, per 1 gram of material, Polartec 200 is twice as great as sheep's wool and more than three times that of cotton. The Polartec 200 pieces can be worn alone or as an additional layer under windproof clothing.

Toray Toray is a multinational company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The manufacturer of the most advanced synthetic materials for the production of clothing for sports, outdoor, trekking, and military applications. Toray is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-tech materials. TORAY fabrics are produced exclusively on Japanese equipment, using Japanese technology, and under the control of Japanese management, which allows us to produce premium quality fabrics at relatively low prices. Ultra-light nylon fabrics, membranes of the highest quality, this is only a small part of the range of the M-TAC partner company.
Toray mechanical stretch mini-rip lightweight – is an ultra-lightweight 100% rip-stop nylon, this fabric features incredible elasticity, which is achieved not by elastane in the composition, but by a special weave structure. Extremely resistant to abrasion and fading.


The YKK company is a world leader in the fastening production. It produces 90% of all fasteners at 71 factories around the world. This is a group of Japanese companies whose trademark was registered almost 70 years ago. YKK is translated from Japanese as "Yoshida’s Factory" - this was the name of the company's founder, who opened the production of fasteners for clothes in the 1930s. Success was achieved thanks to cooperation with leading clothing brands and appliance of particularly strict quality standards. In addition, for a very long time, the machine for the production of high-quality fasteners was kept in the strictest secret. This helped the company quickly overtake its main competitors.