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The new generation of Sturm tactical pants is even more comfortable, practical and durable.

Made from durable material NyCo Extreme (57% nylon, 43% cotton) from the American company Brockwood. This fabric has high strength, wear resistance and breathability. Flexible inserts (91% nylon, 9% elastane) stretch in two directions and guarantee comfort during active use. Around ​​the knees, the designers have used Cordura 500D with fixed EVA-foam inserts 2-4 mm thick, which will provide effective protection of the knee joints against impacts and mechanical damage. This model is also equipped with knee pads. Thanks to the well-thought-out cut, the pants do not restrict freedom of movement: they are comfortable to jump, run, bend, squat and move over rough terrain. Many thoughtful pockets allow you to carry essential items. A design aspect of this model are the large double pockets that do not visually affect the silhouette. Trouser pockets have Fastex closures for knee height adjustment. The belt of the pants is adjustable using Murdock webbing straps, and they're designed to be worn with a belt up to 5.5 centimeters wide. There are two D-rings at the front, below the waist, for attaching various gear. The width of the knee area is adjustable with the help of velcro. An elastic cord is stretched along the lower edge of the pants and Velcro panels are provided to allow general size adjustment. M-Tac pants Sturm Gen.II NyCo Extreme is a great option for any tactical tasks.

Material:NYCO EXTREME (57% nylon, 43% cotton) Flex (91% Nylon, 9% Elastane) Cordura 500D


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