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Tactical Conquistador Flex pants will become your reliable companion in any kind of outdoor activity.

You can wear them to training, shooting range, camping, travel, walking, or even to work. Made of polycotton Rip-stop Flex , the trousers are designed to be very stress- and wear-resistant . The tear-resistant fabric is less dense than jeans and similar materials, which allows air to circulate freely around the body, and provides improved heat transfer. But at the same time, it is more durable and dries faster thanks to water and stain-resistant Teflon impregnation . Spandex fibers make the fabric stretchable and that ensures a comfortable fit to any body shape. The main idea behind the creation of these trousers was to preserve the comfort of movement , and they coped with this task one hundred percent - the trousers create a feeling of lightness, do not hinder movement, and look stylish and solidly. Well-fitting trousers are so comfortable that it will feel like you are wearing sweatpants. The design feature of the Conquistador Flex pants is an elastic insert in the waist and near side pockets, thanks to which the trousers do not limit you when bending or leaning. They do not hinder freedom of movement and you can wear them as tactical as well as everyday clothes. The pants have a zipper and a button, they are also equipped with loops for a belt up to 5.5 cm wide . Two D-rings are sewn to the front of the belt for hanging various pieces of equipment. The Conquistador Flex trousers are equipped with a large number of pockets, both utilitarian and special: there are eight pockets in total. Standard side pockets are equipped with reinforcement at the bottom - for attaching a knife clip or a flashlight to the edge of the pocket. Zippered back pockets. The complex cargo pocket is equipped with an additional patch pocket, which can accommodate an M4 or AK magazine. The cargo pocket itself is quite roomy. It has two folds, due to which its size can be increased for carrying bulky items. The cargo pocket is closed by an asymmetric velcro flap with a quick-release opening. Also, the cargo pocket is equipped with a second zippered entrance, which allows you to access its contents from a sitting position. External knee compartments allow you to quickly integrate soft knee pads into trousers, and two adjustment valves - above and below the knee – to adjust the fit of the knee pad so that you can use them as conveniently as possible. An elastic cord is stretched along the bottom of the pants legs.

Teflon:It has high frost and heat resistance. It remains elastic and flexible at temperatures from -70 to + 270 ° C, being the best insulating material of our time. Along with this, Teflon has excellent adhesion and low surface tension, cannot be wetted by grease, water, or other substances and possible solvents. Teflon is absolutely imperceptible and visually invisible to a person, but its properties have a real effect. Dirt, dust, or water always remains on the surface of the clothes, collecting in drops and can be easily cleaned with a brush.
Pockets:-2 side pockets (with reinforcement at the bottom for attaching a knife)
-2 back pockets with zippers
-2 hip "cargo" pockets
-2 additional patch pockets compatible with M4 and AK magazines
Features:Waist with elastic inserts for a comfortable fit
Belt compatibility:up to 5.5 cm

It is recommended to wash in a delicate mode at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees!.


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