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Welcome to our online shop with outdoor, military, army surplus and adventure clothing and equipment. In our shop you can find jackets, pants, tactical and trekking boots. Fleeces, shirts, backpacks, headwear, t-shirts. Safety work boots and shoes. Hospit

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  • Black Friday Sale! 15% OFF Everything
  • Black Friday Sale! 15% OFF Everything
  • FOOD TRAX 02-0010857 The Food Trax line has been designed specifically for workplaces related to food processing and storage. The uppers are made of waterproof, low-porosity leather, which does not retain dirt and makes it easier to keep the shoes clean. Toe cap protection against impact with energy of 200 J and a compression of at least 15 kNFind more: #abeba #workershoes #foodtrax #thinsulate #cold #protection #safetyboots #production
  • Tactical polo is always a great idea. Quality for M-TAC always comes first. M-TAC select fabrics from the best manufacturers in the world, and then test them for a long time for durability and resistance to sunlight penetration. For this purpose, we have purchased expensive equipment, which imitates sweat, hair, and other factors affecting the wear of the fabric. For a month we test how the fabric will look after 5 years of continuous wear under intense sunlight. By choosing M-TAC you can be sure that your closet will have a quality product, which will not lose its look after the first wash.
  • 10% OFF ALL SAFETY BOOTS & SHOES Promo ends 24.11.22
  • CRAFT 01-010852 Observing the struggles and difficult work of workers in the wood industry, construction, finishing and renovation industries - we have created a completely new line of footwear. The most important for us was the comfort of movement and the versatility of the shoe. Thanks to the high anti-slip properties, it works well in difficult working conditions and in changing weather outside.Toe cap protection against impact with energy of 200 J and a compression of at least 15 kN
  • Winter Is Coming! 10% OFF all MILITARY / TACTICAL & TREKKING boots: Promo ends 20.11.22
  • During one of the evening speeches to the Ukrainian people, the President of Ukraine, Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskiy, was dressed in:✔️M-Tac Jarl Jacket, made of breathable Toray mechanical stretch nylon with Supplex inserts. This provides maximum protection from cold and wind. The jacket is insulated with the innovative Austrian filler G-Loft , which has high thermal insulation properties and easily evaporates moisture when wet.✔️M-Tac tactical pants Aggressor Gen.II Flex, made from light, monophonic rip-stop fabric, with water and mud-proof Teflon repellent . The fabric with the maintenance of polyester and cotton is pleasant to a body, well keeps color and withstand the wear and tear. The main task of the designers was to maintain the comfort of movement, and they coped with this task successfully.Слава Україні!@zelenskiy_official @m_tac_eu
  • M-Tac Police gloves The tactical flexion gloves from the M-TAC brand were designed specifically for police forces. It is made from synthetic/leather. Padded active zones and adjustable Velcro guarantee you comfort while wearing our Police gloves .
  • UNIQUE PRO MID 01-010932 Professional tactical boots designed to work in the most demanding conditions. The use of a technologically advanced membrane increases the comfort of use by draining sweat to the outside, while ensuring water resistance and temperature regulation inside the footwear, providing long-term comfort of use.Toe cap protection against impact with energy of 200 J and a compression of at least 15 kN
  • M-Tac Tactical Sneakers Patrol R Boots are made of high-quality genuine leather and synthetic materials. The boot toe is reinforced with an additional rubber-coated leather lining . The method of fixing the sole is vacuum-thermal. This means that it is not stitched together with the attachment to the shoe, thereby providing additional protection against moisture ingress. The upper layer of the sole is polyurethane and has shock-absorbing properties, lightens shock loads, and also gives the outsole comfort, lightness, and increased thermal insulation. The bottom layer of the sole is abrasion-resistant, made of rubber, and has a high coefficient of grip, which will significantly increase the life span.
  • M-Tac Tourist Hanging Flashlight A special charm gives it an external similarity with an old kerosine lamp and a milk filter gives a soft diffused light that does not take eyes. The LED s are placed to provide the best uniform lighting. The flashlight has 3 switching modes: bright white-moon light, flamming yellow, imitating booster, and a special colour mode that creates a light show effect. This model is charged using the supplied USB cable. Micro USB input and USB output are covered from potential damage. In addition, in front, there is an indicator that will allow you to control the charge stock. A convenient hook allows hanging the flashlight and using it as a stationary lighting source. Small weight and compact size allow to freely carry a light in a backpack or bag. This accessory will become an excellent addition to your equipment.
  • Welcome to visit our online shop: Great selection of Boots and Shoes for all weather conditions
  • Discover the new comfort of working with the ROAD footwear line.The models that we have designed in this line are a response to the needs and observations reported to us by representatives of the warehouse, transport and light industry.The upper is resistant to abrasion and tearing, enriched with key elements such as increased rates of sweat management and material durability.The combination of ergonomics, design and safety will become a reality with the new ROAD models.
  • Model Commando are military boots, dedicated to amateurs of military, made to be used in a difficult, mountain terrain and forest, but it also will be perfect in city, especially in tough, winter conditions. High upper made of natural cow leather, ended with collar made of natural leather (30 mm high) filled with foam, with row of vent holes providing great air ventilation and circulation inside boots. Achilles tendon protecting system used in the rear part of the upper.Lining made of material with waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane (type TE-POR), which drains moisture and heat outside the boots, increasing usability and hygienic properties of shoes, it’s also resistant to abrasions and damages. Bellows type tongue prevents water, sand or little pebbles from getting into the boots. Heel part of upper with additional, reinforced leather.Padding made of highly hygroscopic material, resistant to abrasion, ensures high usability comfort, fits to users feet and keeps optimal air ventilation and dry feet. Fast lacing system – eases lacing and keeps laces from disbanding and abrading. Soles, made of double-layered polyurethane (PU/PU), first layer properly soft and elastic, second resistant to abrasion, rending and mechanical damages; anti-slip, antistatic, resistant to oils and grease, preventing stable movement in every terrain, deep cap enables overcoming edges, stones or ladders; shock absorber in heel absorbs shakes, improving users comfort.
  • The Protektor Grom tactical boots made of high-quality velour leather are a guarantee for reliability and professionalism. They are made with the latest SHOCK ABSORBER technology, ensuring a high level of comfort and exceptional resistance to damage and weather conditions. The special lining wicks away excess moisture to the outside, making the boots easier to use on a daily basis. They fit ideally to the foot, which significantly increases wearing comfort. A wide range of sizes makes finding the right work boots extremely easy.
  • Tactical Conquistador Flex pants will become your reliable companion in any kind of outdoor activity. You can wear them to training, shooting range, camping, travel, walking, or even to work. Made of polycotton Rip-stop Flex , the trousers are designed to be very stress- and wear-resistant . The tear-resistant fabric is less dense than jeans and similar materials, which allows air to circulate freely around the body, and provides improved heat transfer. But at the same time, it is more durable and dries faster thanks to water and stain-resistant Teflon impregnation
  • ACTIVE 02-0087080 Active slippers is a line of specialized products recommended for professionals whose work and daily duties require constant movement, as well as standing for many hours. Their light weight helps to reduce leg fatigue. The shock absorber technology absorbs vibrations and unevenness, protects against injuries and ensures high comfort - even during many hours of work. Excellent performance parameters make Active line ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and the food industry.
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