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Welcome to our online shop with outdoor, military, army surplus and adventure clothing and equipment. In our shop you can find jackets, pants, boots, fleeces, shirts, backpacks, headwear, t-shirts and much more.

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  • M-Tac Patrol sneakers by the M-Tac brand combine affordable price and good quality are made of high-quality genuine leather and synthetic materials. The boot toe is reinforced with an additional rubber-coated leather lining . The method of fixing the sole is vacuum-thermal. This means that it is not stitched together with the attachment to the shoe, thereby providing additional protection against moisture ingress. The upper layer of the sole is polyurethane and has shock-absorbing properties, lightens shock loads, and also gives the outsole comfort, lightness, and increased thermal insulation. The bottom layer of the sole is abrasion-resistant, made of rubber, and has a high coefficient of grip, which will significantly increase the life span.
  • M-Taс Berserk Fleece jacket took into account all your wishes and created a completely new, exclusive Berserk fleece jacket. M-Taс has combined the best ideas of our designers and materials from top world brands. The upper part of the jacket is made of lightweight, breathable nylon fabric with a water-repellent impregnation from the Japanese company Toray . The lining with insulation properties, already traditional for M-TAC, from the Austrian brand G-Loft® (made of high-quality two-component polymers, combines the softness of natural fluff and the strength of synthetic fibers). The base of the jacket is made of the fleece of the American company Polartec® . In this model, we used the Polartec® 200 Series which has excellent warming properties, great vapor permeability, and anti-pilling properties. The use of such materials and non-trivial design solutions allows us to offer you the best fleece jacket of 2020.
  • Protektor Grom Boots Grom Boots are a lightweight tactical boots for police, military and survival purpose. Great for airsoft players and other outdoor activities. The leather, which made an essential part of the shoe is waterproof bovine bukat and ballistic nylon - material resistant to cuts, rending and tension. 50 mm upper peak is made of suede. The heel is protected by additional layers of the leather and stiffened with rubber soles surplus, which prevents injury edge of the heel. A similar solution is applied to protect all edges of the foot, also from the inside. This solution significantly reduces the risk of foot injuries by protecting the edges from direct impacts on curbs, the standoffs armaments, and even larger stones or roots.Made of polyurethane PU / PU outsole is self-cleaning while walking. That ensures proper elasticity and durability to abrasion. Sole is anti-static and anti-slip and don’t react with oils, greases, etc. The material and shape of the tread pattern combines excellent traction on slippery surfaces with the flexibility to dynamically running soles.Boots produced in Poland by Protektor S.A., producer with over 70 years of experience in shoe production. PROTEKTOR SA is certified AQAP 2110:2006 of the quality and functionality to the NATO requirements.
  • Comfortable and practical, the Rubicon Flex trousers can be used for training, shooting, work, travel trips, or walks. from ultramodern 4-Way Stretch fabric (85% nylon and 15% spandex), thanks to which the trousers stretch and give comfort during active use . This material is extremely resistant to fading and has moisture-repellent impregnation. Quality hardware from the YKK company. Lots of pockets allow you to place the required minimum of things. The unusual design of cargo pockets, which are chamfered inward and located closer to the inner surface of the thigh. Thanks to the thoughtful cut, the trousers don't restrict freedom of movement and can easily perform tasks of both tactical and casual wear. The ultra-modern material, unusual design, and functionality of this model will definitely attract your attention. Rubicon Flex is perfect for hot seasons. Fabric: “4-Way Stretch” (85% nylon and 15% spandex)
  • The M-Tac inflatable sleeping pad is one of the lightest and most compact models on the market. has an anatomical shape and is designed for the most comfortable sleep. It has an increased thickness, so you can forget about such troubles as any ground roughness (small stones, branches, etc.). Also, due to its density, you won’t feel the cold coming from the ground. Due to the cellular structure, the sleeping pad holds a person well and perfectly performs the functions of thermal insulation and shock absorption. Rolls up easily and comes with a carrying bag for easy transport. Its compact size and weight make it suitable for long hikes, mountain climbing, and cycling tours.
  • The combat shirt from the M-Tac brand combines high quality materials, the latest manufacturing technologies, and the maximum level of protection and functionality. back and torso are sewn from the new revolutionary Austrian material Coolmax® , which is pleasant to the touch, elastic and provides thermoregulation of the body. The sleeves are made of durable Rip Stop fabric for increased protection against rips and other damage. The brand's designers have added mesh inserts under the arms for improved ventilation and moisture wicking. Also, designers have provided sleeve pockets, openings for elbow pads, Velcro panels for identifiers and pockets for pens. A tactical shirt can significantly improve comfort and thermoregulation when wearing body armor or load bearing systems. This model is the best-in-class among combat tactical shirts. Convenient to use both in warm and cool seasons.
  • M-Tac Gloves Police Gen.2 of leather with inserts of elastic synthetic material, providing a perfect fit. Padded palm pads for increased comfort when handling a gun. Another advantage of the gloves is the non-slip inner surface of the hands, which allows a secure grip on the weapon and other necessary objects. Adjustable on the wrist circumference with velcro fastener. On the back side of the gloves, there is a reinforced loop for attaching to the equipment. This accessory will protect your hands and provide comfort when interacting with weapons.
  • M-TAC Soft Shell coat with detachable lining is made of an interlayer polyurethane membrane that protects from bad weather., it has a thin fleece. In this model, the manufacturer has added detachable fleece lining, which is attached with a zipper (can be worn as a separate item of clothing). The softshell products have several outstanding properties: their low weight and the combination of two layers of clothing in one. The softshell combines an outer layer (for protection from wind and weather) and an insulating inner layer. The top fabric is not only moisture-deflecting but also dirt-deflecting as well. Besides, the soft and streamlined material makes it more comfortable to wear. The front zipper is made by YKK . The zipper has high quality and performs its function without any problems.
  • M-Tac tactical fall / spring trekking shoes are suitable for both mountain and city hiking. Comfortable and multifunctional. Light enough. Waterproof. Well ventilated. Comfortable lacing system. Soft membrane inlay. Rubberized toe box and heel. Two-layer molded sole with a tread pattern. Reliable and convenient. Perfect for trekking, trail running, outdoor activities and into the city. Stylish and beautiful.
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