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M-Tac OUTDOOR class Coolmax 75% socks are made using technology based on the anatomy of the human body, which guarantees an exceptional range of motion.

The main material is Coolmax® . Unlike ordinary fabrics, the Coolmax® fabric does not absorb moisture, but lets it through, allowing it to evaporate.

Material:-75% coolmax
-17% nylon
-8% elastane
Coolmax:Moisture-wicking fiber developed by DuPont company. The fiber is made of polyester, the cross-section is non-round, and has 4 channels. It is increasing surface area by an estimated 20% (over round fibers) to produce a wicking effect via capillary action. This unique structure removes moisture from the body much more quickly and transfers it directly to the outer surface of the clothes, where it immediately evaporates.
Nylon:Increases the strength of the socks and their resistance to chafing. Your socks won't wear out after a few washes and they won't tear for a long time.
Elastane:Provides a snug fit, the knit fabric is perfectly smooth, the socks keep their shape and fit perfectly on your leg. You’ll always look elegant and stylish!.




A special moisture-wicking fiber was designed and developed by DuPont. This fabric is made of polyester, it is not round in cross-section, but consists of four circles. As a result, the Coolmax fiber has a surface area 20% wider than round fiber and has increased capillary properties. This unique structure wicks moisture away from the body much faster and transfers it directly to the outer surface of the clothes, where it evaporates immediately.