M-Tac patch Fare map (Embroidery)


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The M-Taс patch “Lucky Card” is a new stylish patch with an embroidered image of a clover leaf.

According to ancient beliefs, each petal of the quatrefoil meant one of the natural elements: fire, earth, air and water. Clover is also a symbol of good luck, it protects against misfortune, can calm a person, improve well-being and give vitality. The patch is made of Cordura 500D, an extremely durable material that is resistant to abrasion and high loads. The pattern is applied with colorful machine embroidery, which makes this patch more exquisite. Attaches to clothing, bags, backpacks or other gear with Velcro. This patch will be a great addition to the collection, and will bring good luck to its owner.
Size:8 x 5 cm
Material:Cordura 500D
Features:Velcro for fastening

Due to its unique properties, Cordura is widely used in tactical equipment for the military, law enforcement and special forces. This material commonly comes in linear density of 1000d and 500d. Linear density is the ratio of the mass of thread to its length. It is measured in Denier. This unit of measurement is mainly usedfor nylon products. Accordingly, the higher this indicator, the denser and heavier the fabric. The physical and technical characteristics of CORDURA 1000D are very high, the breaking load is approximately 3000 N, the tearing load is about 150 N. Abrasion resistance of more than 50,000 cycles. It is used for clothes, protective covers, and bags. Whether it's a tactical backpack, or pouches or a jacket. Products made from CORDURA materials are sure to stand the test of time and distance. CORDURA is strength, reliability and style. In terms of strength, it is beyond comparison.