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The M-Tac Alpha Gen.III Pro winter jacket combines comfort, practicality and durability.

It is perfect for everyday use and provides a comfort temperature of -20 ℃ . It is made of water-repellent nylon with an 8000x8000 membrane, and a lightweight polyamide lining makes this model as comfortable and practical as possible. The jacket is insulated with innovative Austrian G-Loft filling with a density of 150g/m2. This material has high thermal insulation properties and easily evaporates moisture when wet. It also organically combines the softness of down and the strength of synthetic fibre. The jacket is equipped with a non-removable insulated hood that can be adjusted in volume and height. The cuffs with built-in elastic band fit well and keep out cold air. Areas prone to wear and tear (elbows, shoulders) are reinforced with additional padding. The bottom of the jacket is adjustable in volume with a sewn-in elastic cord with a lock. Thanks to modern materials and progressive design, the jacket does not hinder your movements at all and allows you to rationally place all the necessary items in conveniently located pockets. The chest pockets are specially designed for easy use with tile carriers and body armour, and are insulated with fleece for extra comfort. This model will become not only a warm, but also a practical element of your wardrobe.

Filler:G-Loft 150 grams/m2
Comfort temperature:- 20° C


Due to its unique qualities, Cordura is widely used in tactical equipment for military, law enforcement, and special forces. It is mainly used in materials with a 1000d and 500d linear density. Linear density is the ratio between the weight of the fabric and its length. It is measured in denier. This unit of measurement is mainly used for nylon fabrics. So, the higher the index, the more dense and heavy the fabric. The physical and technical characteristics of CORDURA 1000D are very high, it has a very high breaking load of about 3000 N and a tearing load of about 150 N. The abrasion resistance is more than 50000 cycles. It is used for clothing, bags, and pouches. Products made of CORDURA will stand the test of time and distance. CORDURA stands for durability, reliability, and style. In terms of durability, it is beyond competition.


G-LOFT®. Warm, lightweight, and breathable body-warmer that will keep you comfortable even in extreme wet and cold weather conditions. It meets all high standards and combines the benefits of organic fluff with the durability of synthetic fibers. Thanks to the "memory effect", microfibers automatically return to their original and unique shapes, providing warmth, even after multiple washes and uses. G-LOFT® body-warmer guarantees optimal thermal insulation and heat regulation.
Polartec® Polartec® is the name for a range of modern materials. They are all designed to keep you warm and comfortable no matter the weather. In terms of its ability to retain the heat of the human body, Polartec® is not inferior to wool and can be as soft and delicate as cotton, but at the same time, it perfectly replaces clothes made from natural materials, which are not always suitable for outdoor activities and sports. Clothes made of this material are stylish and functional, do not wrinkle, dry quickly, and are easy to wash. Very comfortable in everyday wear, Polartec® products are suitable not only for athletes but also for everyone who prefers a sporty style of clothing.


The YKK company is a world leader in the fastening production. It produces 90% of all fasteners at 71 factories around the world. This is a group of Japanese companies whose trademark was registered almost 70 years ago. YKK is translated from Japanese as "Yoshida’s Factory" - this was the name of the company's founder, who opened the production of fasteners for clothes in the 1930s. Success was achieved thanks to cooperation with leading clothing brands and appliance of particularly strict quality standards. In addition, for a very long time, the machine for the production of high-quality fasteners was kept in the strictest secret. This helped the company quickly overtake its main competitors.