M-Tac Patch Raven Flag Cutout Laser Cut

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M-Tac Raven Banner Laser Cut patch.

"The Raven banner" was the name given by the Vikings to this flag with the image of a black raven, which they raised on their ships, going on raids. The first written reference to the flag with a raven dates back to 878 and is found in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Like the later famous "Jolly Roger," the raven flag struck fear into those who saw it. The ancient Scandinavians chose the crow for their battle flags for a reason. According to their beliefs, the main Scandinavian god, Odin, was accompanied everywhere by the ravens Hugin and Munin ("thinking" and "remembering"). The Vikings considered crows to be "beasts of war" and bearers of death. The Scandinavians believed that if a flag with a raven fluttered in the wind, it portended imminent victory.
Material:Cordura 500D.

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