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Aggressor Lady Flex pants from M-TAC can be used during training, shooting, at work, as well as during business trips or walks.

Ukrainian brand M-Tac is trying to bring innovative technologies to market. Fitted pants are made of lightweight smooth material that stops, with Teflon impregnation that protects against water and dirt. The fabric with the addition of polyester and cotton is pleasant for the body, retains color well and has high strength. The main idea when creating these pants was to maintain the comfort of movement - the designers coped with this task 100% - the pants give the impression of lightness, do not restrict movement and look stylish and solid. The model has comfortable, wide pockets with reinforced inserts. The pants are designed to be worn with a belt up to 5.5 cm wide. Buckles for fastening of any elements (by means of carbines) are sewn in a belt on forward loops. High-quality YKK fittings were used. Well-chosen pants are comfortable both when sitting and while walking. In them you can feel as if dressed in sports pants.
Material:- cotton
- polyester
- spandex

Fittings YKK.