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M-TAC SAHARA FLEX LITE PANTS are a hit this summer.

The advantage of the new M-Tac Sahara Lite pants is the material. The fabric provides free air circulation and does not heat up on warm days. Due to its flexibility, it does not restrict movement, and the strength of nylon increases the resistance to abrasion. The pants combine all the functionality of tactical pants and a stylish design that allows you to wear them every day. The new Flex Rip-Stop material is extremely heat-resistant.

Numerous pockets allow you to carry the required minimum of items:- Trouser pockets have a convenient entrance;
- pockets for a knife or shop are on the side;
- Side cargo pockets do not optically enlarge the figure, but at the same time have a hidden volume.
- the fabric is resistant to tears and does not give in to fading in the sun;
- Rear reinforcement to prevent abrasions when sitting and walking;
- Ensuring freedom of movement due to the appropriate cut and elasticity of the material;
- separate pockets for a knife or pistol magazine;
- Impregnation of fabrics, resistant to contamination;
- They dry quickly because nylon does not absorb moisture;
- Convenient to wear in the warm season.
Material:93% nylon, 7% elastane.


The YKK company is a world leader in the fastening production. It produces 90% of all fasteners at 71 factories around the world. This is a group of Japanese companies whose trademark was registered almost 70 years ago. YKK is translated from Japanese as "Yoshida’s Factory" - this was the name of the company's founder, who opened the production of fasteners for clothes in the 1930s. Success was achieved thanks to cooperation with leading clothing brands and appliance of particularly strict quality standards. In addition, for a very long time, the machine for the production of high-quality fasteners was kept in the strictest secret. This helped the company quickly overtake its main competitors.