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M-Tac Patrol sneakers by the M-Tac brand combine affordable price and good quality.

Boots are made of high-quality genuine leather and synthetic materials. The boot toe is reinforced with an additional rubber-coated leather lining . The method of fixing the sole is vacuum-thermal. This means that it is not stitched together with the attachment to the shoe, thereby providing additional protection against moisture ingress. The upper layer of the sole is polyurethane and has shock-absorbing properties, lightens shock loads, and also gives the outsole comfort, lightness, and increased thermal insulation. The bottom layer of the sole is abrasion-resistant, made of rubber, and has a high coefficient of grip, which will significantly increase the life span.

Material:- Leather
Inserts:-TUFF STUFF ™ 1000 denier nylon
Toe:Rubber-coated leather
Sole abrasion guarantee:1 year.

Linin Water-repellent