M-Tac patch AR-15 3D PVC


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M-Tac patch AR-15 3D PVC 

The M-Tac AR-15 Morale patch is designed for owners and enthusiasts of AR-15 rifles. The AR-15 is an American semi-automatic rifle chambered in 5.56 × 45 mm ammunition. Introduced in 1963, it is sold as a civilian firearm for self-defense, hunting, etc., and is also used as a law enforcement weapon. It was developed by ArmaLite based on the AR-10 as a promising assault rifle for the United States military. Made of aluminum alloys and plastic. In 1959, due to financial difficulties, ArmaLite sold the rights to the project to Colt's Manufacturing Company. In the early 1960s, the automatic version of the AR-15 was adopted by the United States Air Force as the M16 rifle, later adopted by the Navy, and then by the Army, since then the original AR-15 designation has been used for civilian and police modifications of the military rifle.

Dimensions: 50 х 60 mm

Material: rubber

Additionally: (velcro for attachment)